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Do you want to do your tax return online but are not sure how to go about it? Have you been putting off your tax return for far too long, or even missed a few years of refunds due to feeling overwhelmed by the process?

TaxDone make it easy to file your tax return online thanks to our easy-to-navigate online form, seeking to revolutionise the way you do your taxes. The process is simple – begin by signing up to TaxDone, enter information like your personal details and TFN, submit your tax form and pay your tax. After this, all you need to do is wait for your refund to be transferred to your nominated account, which will take under 14 days. Thanks to TaxDone’s easy system, you can file your tax return online in Australia from the comfort of your own home! No heading to the post office to mail your tax return or travelling into the city for an appointment with a tax agent – TaxDone allows you to file your tax return online from the device of your choice.

From personal tax returns to late tax returns, TaxDone help you answer the lingering question of “How can I file my tax return online without the headache?” Some of the benefits of doing your tax return online through TaxDone include:
  • Professional help from qualified accountants and registered tax agents to prevent mistakes, lower the chance of being audited by the ATO and ensure you receive the highest tax refund that you are entitled to
  • Fast and easy submission, requiring only 15 minutes and being possible from your own computer, eliminating the need for appointments or consultations
  • Low fees
  • Direct lodgement with the ATO, ensuring quick and secure processing
  • Extended time to lodge your tax return. If filing through the ATO, your tax return needs to be submitted by 31 October. A tax agent like TaxDone allows you to file your tax return at a later date, providing a more convenient service
  • Peace of mind knowing that your tax return is being handled by experts
  • Ability to complete any year’s tax return between 2001-2017, allowing you to obtain the refunds you may have missed out on and avoid any fines
  • Fast refund into your account within 14 days, meaning you can enjoy your refund sooner than ever!
  • Convenience of paying by credit card, EFT or fee from refund

Have you been asking yourself “How can I file my income tax online?” Is the plethora of options online making it difficult for you to choose one reliable online tax agent to go with? Stop scratching your head and opt for TaxDone’s easy online process!

ATO’s myTax online tax return has been the most common way for many people to complete their online tax returns. Unfortunately, this tool comes with numerous flaws, such as limited professional support and a higher chance of making mistakes that could result in you being audited by the ATO or not receiving the full refund amount that you are entitled to. In contrast, TaxDone offer professional support in the form of chartered accountants and registered tax agents who ensure any mistakes are rectified and that you make the most of any deductions you are entitled to. TaxDone also make it easy to lodge past tax returns, helping you avoid penalties from the ATO and get the full return that you have missed out on for years.

By submitting your tax return online, you can also enjoy a faster processing time and reduced impact on the environment.

File your tax return online today without the headaches or hassles thanks to TaxDone – contact us to see how we can help!

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