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Individual Tax Return Online

Completing your individual tax return can feel like a mammoth process, with masses of paperwork to go through. Even after getting through this lengthy process, you may still be worried that you have done something incorrectly, which might warrant an audit by the ATO or mean that you don’t receive the full refund you could be entitled to. To make the process stress-free and most advantageous to you, complete your personal tax return online today with TaxDone.

The process is simple – simply sign up with TaxDone, enter your information onto our website, submit the form, pay your tax and get ready to receive your return in as little as 10 days! What’s more, when you complete your individual tax return online through TaxDone, you will pay minimal fees and have your application thoroughly checked by chartered accountants and registered tax agents for complete peace of mind.

By completing your personal income tax return online with TaxDone, you get to enjoy a host of benefits that are not otherwise possible. This includes:
  • Professional assistance from qualified accountants and registered tax agents which lowers the chance of an ATO audit and maximises the refund you receive
  • Fast and easy online filing, which saves precious time
  • Low fees
  • Direct lodgement with the ATO
  • Extended time for lodgement
  • Ability to complete any year’s tax return between 2001-2017
  • Quick transfer of refund into your nominated account
  • Easy payment using credit card, EFT or fee from refund

Whether you need to complete a late tax return or are wanting to DIY your tax return, TaxDone are the professionals you need on your side. We also provide consultations to answer any questions you may have about your tax return, ensuring that you are fully informed of the process.

Some other benefits of filing your individual tax return online include the fact that it is more environmentally-friendly than completing your return by paper, allows for the auto-input of some data, and makes it easy to amend a mistake.

Most Australians utilise the help of a tax agent to complete their tax return correctly, so what are you waiting for? File your individual tax return online today with TaxDone!

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