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Past Tax Returns Online

Past Tax Returns Online Are you risking fines or missing out on previous tax refunds because you have not yet submitted your past tax returns? TaxDone make it possible to quickly lodge past tax returns online from 2001-2017.

When you’re facing a pile of late tax returns, it can be tempting to bury your head in the sand and avoid the issue. By offering simple and easy late tax returns online, TaxDone make it less daunting to tackle your mountain of late tax returns!

The ATO’s own tax return portal, myTax, only allows returns dating back to 2013 to be lodged. If you need to lodge returns older than this, TaxDone is the perfect platform. Due to the entire process being handled online, you will be able to enjoy a fast tax return (unlike paper returns which can take weeks to be processed!) This allows you to quickly attend to your late tax returns dating back to 2001. Simply read through our page on how to do your taxes online to make the process even easier for yourself!

TaxDone help you get your taxes up to date, checking your status and informing you of any outstanding returns you may have. Our tax agents also help you maximise your tax refund from each year while avoiding late penalties.

By attending to your outstanding taxes with our past tax returns online, you can make sure you end up in the best financial situation possible.

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