Lodge your tax return without the headaches!15-minute process and returns as quick as 14 days

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With Tax Done, you can:
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Lodge from the comfort of your own home.Lodging your tax return takes under 15 minutes with TaxDone, saving you the hassle of going to the post office or making an appointment with a tax agent
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Application check by our expertsOur Expert tax agents will be checking your tax return prior to lodgement to prevent mistakes and to lower the chance of future ATO audit as well as helps to get the highest tax refund that you are entitled to.
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Get your refund fast.Your refund will be transferred to your nominated account in less than 14 days!
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TaxDone make it possible to lodge your tax return without the headaches, simplifying the process down to an online system with expert help available.

Lodging your tax return is easy with TaxDone. Simply sign up to our website, enter your information, submit your tax form and pay your tax. After being thoroughly checked by our chartered accountants and registered tax agents, your return will be submitted and you can expect your return to be transferred into your nominated account in under 14 days.

Lodging your tax return through a tax agent like TaxDone yields numerous benefits. Unlike paper tax returns, online tax returns are processed faster, are more environmentally friendly, and are easier to amend if there are any issues. While the ATO has an online tax lodgement system in the form of myTax, there is limited professional support, and only returns dating back to 2013 can be processed. In contrast, TaxDone offer professional assistance in the form of chartered accountants and registered tax agents, and can help you lodge late returns dating back to 2001!

When it comes to lodging your tax return, ensure you are in the right hands with TaxDone – we ensure there’s no appointments, no masses of paperwork and no hassle!