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These days, tax returns are made far simpler because they can be done online. This eliminates the need for masses of paperwork, which takes longer to process and makes correcting mistakes difficult. Many people have now begun completing their tax returns using the ATO’s myTax portal, which auto-fills some information and allows for a quicker return. Unfortunately, myTax does not provide much professional assistance while you file your tax return, meaning it is easy to make mistakes that could possibly result in you being audited.

TaxDone, a leading tax agent office, provide an online service that simplifies the tax return process. Complete your submission in under 15 minutes from the comfort of your own home before having our chartered accountants and registered tax agents go over it to ensure there are no mistakes that could result in you being audited and that you receive the maximum refund that you are entitled to.

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Professional help from qualified accountants and registered tax agents to prevent mistakes, lower the chance of a future ATO audit and ensure you receive the highest tax refund that you are entitled to

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Convenience of being able to complete any year’s tax return between 2001-2017

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Tax agents are the ideal solution for anyone who simply has better things to do with their time than file their taxes! From personal income tax returns to rental and business income tax, TaxDone have a package to suit anyone’s needs. We even provide assistance to those who need to file non-resident tax!

Lodge your Tax Return Online today with us