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What Can I Claim

Many people miss out on the full tax refund that they are entitled to due to the fact that they simply do not know what they are entitled to claim. On the flip side, there are also people who unintentionally claim deductions on things they are not entitled to, which may result in them being audited by the ATO. To take the stress out of the process, a professional tax agent from TaxDone will thoroughly go over your tax return to ensure you get the maximum refund possible.

Some common tax deductions that most people don’t know they can claim include:
  • Tax agent fees – You can claim the amount you paid last year for tax agent fees on this year’s return!
  • Work-related car expenses – If you use your car for work (other than driving to and from work), you could deduct fuel and maintenance costs on your tax. This can be done by using a 12-week logbook or using the “cents per kilometre” method.
  • Home office expenses – If you work from home, you could claim many of your office supplies, furniture, software and more as a tax deduction. Working this out can be complicated, however, so make sure to contact TaxDone for tailored help.
  • Mobile phone expenses – If your work requires to take and make work calls on your personal phone, you could claim the cost of these calls as a deduction. To ensure you have precise records, keep a logbook to track all work-related phone calls on your personal phone.

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OK so what are the type of things I can claim
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses if you work outside
  • Hard Hats + safety glasses (and any other protective wear)
  • Education courses for work
  • Tools and equipment
  • Telephone costs - remember these will need to be apportioned between private + work
  • Internet costs - private vs. work will need to be calculated
  • Computers + iDevices you purchase for work - again private vs. work needs to be calculated
  • Printerscanner
  • Stationery you use for work
  • Software you purchase for work
  • Other tech gadgets you need to use for work
  • Home office costs if you work at home - you need to keep a 4 week diary detailing the hours spent working at home.
  • Home office costs - desk, chair, lamp, filing cabinet, bookshelves etc.
  • Union or trade fees
  • Premiums on income protection insurance
  • Magazines that have a direct relation to your job. I.e. a truck driver subscribing to Australian Truckie Magazine
  • Buying, ironing & washing clothes that you must wear for work - i.e. protective clothes or a uniform
  • Travel Costs such as Airplane, Train, Accommodation for a conference or work trip
  • Parking if you need to visit customers etc
  • First aid course if you are the first aid person at your work
  • Growthwise fees
  • Being an awesome person and donating to charity. Note if you buy a pen, raffle tickets or something from the charity it's not a deduction. Only a pure donation is.
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